Information and Support


Many agencies, voluntary groups and individuals have been involved in our area's response to the pandemic, with widespread action within and across the many different communities in the Weston-super-Mare and North Somerset area.

As part of North Somerset Together, Voluntary Action North Somerset, has compiled a list of community support groups/organisations in response to COVID-19. This information is available at Voluntary Action North Somerset - Community Support Groups North Somerset (COVID-19) . It is regularly updated by VANS.

Please do tell us about your experiences by answering the questions below. This will help us ensure that as many people as possible are able to access the help and support they need. We would also be very grateful if you could also complete the additional questions about you before leaving the site.

The information you provide is completely anonymised before we see it, but it will be really important in helping us understand if there are gaps in provision and if particular locations or communities are not being reached.

Information and Support

FOR EVERYONE! We want to understand how people are accessing information and support and what methods are working best for particular groups, so that we can help to ensure that future communications reach as many people as possible.

This engagement phase has finished, check out the responses

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