Community Recovery


There are many positives that have emerged during the pandemic, particularly in terms of communities and people in Weston and North Somerset supporting one another.

While much of the focus has necessarily been on urgent need, there are also significant areas of life that have been put on hold or lost; jobs, businesses, educational opportunities, recreation and leisure, in-person social and support networks, the list goes on.

Many organisations and areas across the Country are focussing on ways to keep the positives, while still addressing the scale of need.

We’re asking for your thoughts on what would help to ensure that Weston and North Somerset can emerge from the pandemic as a stronger, happier, healthier and more inclusive community.

Community Recovery

FOR EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO HELP SHAPE THE FUTURE OF THEIR COMMUNITY. We want to hear your views on how we can help ensure we emerge as a stronger, healthier, happier and more inclusive community.

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