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Redport is a multi-disciplinary consultancy providing strategic project solutions across a variety of sectors, including placemaking, regeneration and community development, with a focus on cross-sector collaboration and innovation.

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Voluntary Action North Somerset

Voluntary Action North Somerset's mission is to represent, develop and empower the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector in North Somerset, to be at the forefront of positive social change and development.

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Weston super Mare Town Council

Weston super Mare Town Council is proud to be working with its community partners during the COVID pandemic and beyond and as such have developed a shared 5 core value approach to working with its community via connectivity, collaboration, resilience, community capacity and collective efficacy with them. Within its role as a leading community enabler, it has the benefit of governance structures embedded to be able to provide confidence and encourage collaboration. It continues to be a key link between partners across different tiers of government, voluntary and community organisations. This collaborative approach to social outcomes enables the ‘communities’ themselves to help improve social and wellbeing outcomes in a supported way for the benefit of all.

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Commonplace connects you to the people who create the places where you live, work and play. A platform to speak and be heard by developers, councils, and public bodies to initiate better decisions and places for all.

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